How Poul Rasmussen A/S increased its revenue by 400%

Since Michael N. Wilkens entered the position as Chairman of the Board, he has helped the construction company achieve substantial levels of growth

Contractor Poul Rasmussen A/S is a family-owned business in the construction industry. Their headquarter is in northern Funen.

The business has two pillars. One the one hand, they help private persons with their construction projects. They make roofs, change doors and windows, renovate kitchens and make smaller reparations on their homes. On the other hand, they have a department which engages in larger projects. It can be anything from the construction of factories to neighbourhoods of private homes.

Ever since Michael N. Wilkens became Chairman of the Board, the company has seen very good results. They have grown more than 400% in revenue, and they are  among the most profitable companies in their industry. 

He Has Helped Us ...

Crafting clear goals

Michael N. Wilkens has been Chairman of the Board of Poul Rasmussen A/S since 2010. In this regard he has continuously utilised his knowledge and expertise in strategy development. During the years he has facilitated the strategy processes for the management team in Poul Rasmussen A/S.

“He has helped us put down some clear ambitions and to define some clear means to achieve them,” explains manager Jimmy Rasmussen, son of the company founder Poul Rasmussen.

There’S No Doubt That Michael Has Helped Us Elevate Our Company Substantially From What It Was To What It Is Now. (1)

A valuable proces

Jimmy Rasmussen has enjoyed working with Michael to develop his company. 

“I like that it’s cut down into small bites, so that it is understandable and so that you can relate to it. He makes it simple. He makes it concrete, so you know what to act on.”

According to Jimmy Rasmussen, his company has developed after Michael N. Wilkens entered the role as Chairman of the Board.

“There’s no doubt that Michael has helped us elevate our company substantially from what it was to what it is now.”

For that reason, Jimmy Rasmussen recommends Michael. As he says: “I’m certain that he can create value for many company owners across industries.”

Want to learn more about Poul Rasmussen A/S? Check out their website.

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