20% growth a year

In 2016, Michael N. Wilkens was elected as chairman of the board of directors in Bentsen Emballage A/S and has since created new growth in the company.

Bentsen Emballage A/S supplies corrugated cardboard packaging to industry customers in Denmark, in particular to the Danish food industry. All the types of packaging they are working with are customized solutions. They have no standard solutions. They specialize in customized solutions for industry customers with special needs.

Lars Bryde is co-owner and managing director of the company. The other owner is Rikke Polenz Gohlke.

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Lars Bryde, co-owner and managing director

Outside help

Michael N. Wilkens was elected chairman of the board of directors in 2016. At the time, Lars Bryde and Rikke Polenz Bohlke wanted to develop the company. They had greater ambitions for Bentsen Emballage A/S.

“We looked at each other and said: What do we want with this? We wish to add and make it into something more than it was,” explains Lars Bryde.

“But we simply needed help from outside in order to add to our own abilities. We needed knowledge, energy and options as well as a person who could open our eyes."

After having looked at the various options, we finally decided on Michael N. Wilkens. He was the one we had most confidence in.

Lars Bryde, Quote 1

Fresh perspectives on the business

They have never had second thoughts. The new board of directors headed by Michael N. Wilkens has had a huge effect on the company’s development. He has carried out several strategy processes and he has brought innovation into the business.

“It has opened our eyes to how we consider our company, the way we run our company and which measures we take every day compared to what we did before. The company has become more professional and streamlined. We keep focus on the right issues and we have discovered our strengths and weaknesses,” tells Lars Bryde.

“In this way, it has meant a lot to us that we now have a professional board of directors.”

Bentsen Emballage, Aarup

Bentsen Emballage A/S

New growth

Since Michael N. Wilkens became chairman of the board of directors in Bentsen Emballage A/S, the company has experienced growth in the business. The company has obtained more customers, earned more money and has generally become a heavier player in the market.

“Since we have engaged Michael in the board of directors, we have experienced a 20% growth a year. So we have obviously not regretted it,” says Lars Bryde. “If you visit Proff.dk and follow our turnover, you can almost see the date on which we set up a professional board of directors. In 2017, 2018 and 2019 a lot has happened – and this is the development we will continue to work on.”

Gradual conversion

There is no doubt that it has had a positive effect on the business that Michael N. Wilkens has become chairman of the board of directors. Nevertheless, Lars Bryde also admits that he had to grow accustomed to the new conditions.

Lars Bryde Quote 2

“It has been a good process but it has also been a conversion from having a basically non-existing board of directors to suddenly have a professional board of directors that make demands on you,” says Lars Bryde. “Actually having to relate to other people who are critical towards what you are doing but who also brings in a lot of positive input to different approaches and who will help you move in the right direction – this is where the value lies in having a professional board of directors.

On the whole, Michael N. Wilkens has given Lars Bryde and Rikke Polenz Bohlke important new perspective on their business.

“It is not only your own thoughts about how to run a business which help create results. It is also wise words and thoughts from outside which help create results. It means a lot,” says Lars Bryde.

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