A good experience is worth repeating

Nick Bigler has been helped by Michael N. Wilkens to create growth and excellent results in Buanco System as well as in OBH-Gruppen.

Michael N. Wilkens has worked together with Nick Bigler more than once. The first time was in Nick Bigler’s own company, Buanco System, which is an independent supplier of customized payment, security and registration systems. The second time was for OBH-Gruppen – a consultative engineering company in which Nick Bigler was the chairman of the board of directors.

Michael N. Wilkens was engaged by Buanco to facilitate a strategy process. It was at a very critical time in the company’s development in which very important decisions about the company’s direction had to be made.

Nick Bigler Foto

Nick Bigler, Buanco & OBH-Gruppen

Later on, Michael N. Wilkens was engaged to work with OBH-Gruppen. This was not just for a strategy process. Michael N. Wilkens’s help was also needed to facilitate the re-thinking of the company's business models. Consequently, he led the company through a quite comprehensive innovation project.

Good results

Buanco and OBH-Gruppen have both experienced a significant growth rate throughout the years. Buanco has become a large and very profitable company. OBH-Gruppen has launched a number of new services and business models which have contributed to the company’s high earnings.

“I have worked together with Michael in two different projects throughout the years and both projects resulted in specific actions and plans for the company's future direction and they were subsequently successfully implemented," says Nick Bigler.

Nick Bigler, Quote

A professional process

A strategy or innovation process requires a close cooperation and commitment from the consultant as well as from the company. Nick Bigler says about the cooperation with PinPointers: “In his capacity as consultant and facilitator, he knows how to deliver and he is good at involving the employees and ensure that they contribute as much as possible to the process.”

Michael N. Wilkens has been responsible for facilitating the processes in Buanco and OBH-Gruppen. He has guided them to their strategies and he has introduced them to some very lucrative tools for strategy and business development which the companies have benefitted a lot from subsequently. Nick Bigler is very satisfied with the processes as well as Michael N. Wilkens's expertise: “Michael is very easy to work with and you get a good dialogue and discussions. He has a huge insight into the problems of the different types of companies because he has helped numerous companies”.

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