The art of making a difference in the world

Mission Model Innovation

Some organizations are not designed to make a profit. They have another purpose which is to make a difference.

We call them mission-driven organizations.

A mission-driven organization does not create value for the organization itself. Instead, it creates value for its beneficiaries, e.g. NGOs, public institutions and corporate cost centers such as technical or HR departments.

But how do you make an impact? And how do you achieve true organizational succes? We often hear about failed NGO projects and inefficient public institutions. But how do we actually build successful mission-driven organizations?

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Achieve your mission with PinPointers

Michael N. Wilkens is an experienced consultant who has helped small and large companies in Denmark and the rest of the world succeed. He is an expert in strategy development and business model innovation. However, he also has a deep passion for organizations that are not driven by profit.

As a result, we are now helping mission-driven organization achieve their ambition of making a difference, using a specially developed tool.

In PinPointers, we offer workshops, consultancy and training in mission model innovation. Based on the brand new concept – Mission Model Canvas – we help mission-driven organization make a bigger impact in the world by developing successful mission models. The Mission Model Canvas is based on the extremely popular Business Model Canvas which is used by numerous companies desiring to improve and innovate their business architecture.

Just like commercial companies can learn a lot from mission-driven organizations, e.g. their wonderful ability to define and orient themselves towards meaningful missions, the Business Model Canvas universe has a lot of great things to offer the mission-driven organizations. It contains a number of tools, concepts and insight, which we have now customized for you. During our processes, you will learn how to focus your value-creating activities on particular beneficiaries, how to set up clear goals for yourself and much more.

By the end of a mission model innovation process, you will have the skills, tools and language to effectively develop innovative mission models.

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The Mission Model Canvas

Dive into the world of innovation

In the resources section, you will find various tools and materials to get you started with mission model innovation in your own organisation. You will find the Mission Model Canvas as a PDF, definitions, explanatory videos and much more.

Dive into the world of mission model innovation.


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