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Strategy Development

Did it ever happen to you? You spend a long time developing a great strategy. It was supposed to take your company to a higher level and to make you grow. Unfortunately, it did not have the intended effect because it was not implemented wholeheartedly.

This is a risk which all companies face.

To have a successful strategy, it is not enough that the strategy is perfect. Perfection is not your main objective. However, involvement is crucial. It is important to involve many employees in the process of developing your strategy because you need everyone to be committed.

You also need to continuously develop new strategies. Long-term strategies do not work in a rapidly changing environment. Short-term strategies often work much better - especially if you involve the key employees in your  organization. Together you set ambitious goals for your company. Back in the office, you start to work on the tasks and assignments and during the process, you continuously follow-up and review your strategy.

This is a better way to develop strategies in a rapidly changing world.

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Michael N. Wilkens

Develop your strategy with PinPointers

Michael N. Wilkens is a consultant with many years of experience in strategy development. He has helped both large and small companies across cultures create effective strategies which help them achieve new growth.

In PinPointers, we offer workshops and consultancy related to strategy development.

In our workshops, we always emphazise involvement and commitment. We facilitate a well-structured process where key employees develop a strategic plan which everyone understands and commits to. This will guarantee an successful implementation of the strategy in your organization.


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Participants in a PinPointers Strategy Workshop

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